Thursday, 17 November 2011


it began with a simple doodle a random character i named 'BAD CHIMP'...
soon the idea exploded in my mind and all sorts of new angles began to emerge in my mind.

after much playing about, a few other versions and a little development i suddenly remembered that
for some stupid reason, nobody has comissioned any album art from me this year. i find it quite disturbing, and so began to create some simply to update the portfolio - using the BAD CHIMP as some sort of gangsta rapper type. heres the results - you can see larger version on my DEVIANTART account.

front cover (right side) / album inlay

inlay centre

album rear

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Vector Art Practice...

Took about an hour - not entirely complete, and sort of randomised / organic in the direction it took. Quite happy with it though.

Used Inkscape to draw the lback and white vector shapes and various programs to add the spats and colours.

Referenced from a photo I took of my friend Fran on a night out.

See a larger version on my DeviantArt account.


Second version using the same 'outline' vectors as before. 30 minutes.