Saturday, 21 July 2012

Imperial Frontier Outpost

Another piece set in the same universe as this previous post: LINK.

* * *

After the collapse, many states found themselves with little or no leadership. Many others turned on what remained and renegade factions sprang up across the globe. Tyranny, extremism and plain foolishness threatened to throw much of the planet into a sub-medieval dark age. This was not the case for the citizens of the UK.

Under the guiding hand of the former prince and looking to the past for inspiration, a new democtratic empire was formed. Many member states of the old Commonwealth soon joined up in the face of weaker enemies and a wish to return to simpler times. Canada (facing an ever growing threat from the People's Consulate) also pledged fealty, along with several of the north and eastern most states of the shattered Americas. With strong trade bonds and an amount of shared history, parts of Scandinavia and France took membership in the New Empire.
Today, the Empire specialises in exploration and frontier colonies and commands a formidable fleet much like on Earth of old.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Asteroid Services

Just a wee doodle - set in the same universe as the previous post. A hypergate network 'road' services. Same crap food, same awful toilets, same high prices - 10,00 years away!
I really wanted to add loads of ridiculous advertising, but haven't got some of the spoof-brand logos finished yet and still make more, so I figured I'd  upload this as a work-in-progress post for now.
Hopefully we'll be doing some short pieces based around this universe at CRASHNEXUS.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Tunny Debris Field

The Tunny Debris Field in the Caroteu Nebula is a notorious wrecking zone for freight shipments and unwary Captains. As a result of both minute gravitational shifts within the nebula causing some angular change to the hypergate, and stray bodies from the field colliding with ships, the area is rife with salvage. Occasional smugglers also find themselves wrecked in the field.
The Peoples' Consulate of Earth maintains a constant presence - with salvage crews doubling as rescue operators when the need arises. The massive ship "Wind of Proxima" acts as a breaking yard, whilst the crews operate from high powered and manoeuvrable platforms -breaking down the larger hulks into manageable chunks for return to the ship.

* * *

This has taken FAR too long to get done, and as it is, I'm only really happy with the background and the platform in the foreground. Still for that reason you'll see a close up of it further down the post.

Stuck for names, I asked my friends to come up with realistic names for the debris field and nebula via facebook and twitter. Thanks to Martin Tunnicliffe, the nebula was named, so I took his nickname for the debris field (a rather awesome irony if you know him!).

I'll upload a higher res version to DevianArt when I get a chance, so keep checking back - or 'Watch' me over at