Friday, 27 April 2012

Experiment 8

Work in progress toward a co-promo poster done in the same manner as the other experiments.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Experiment 7 - Under The Sky

Initial stages abstracted from stock by

Was going to go for a much more extreme / abstracted morph initially, but it seemed to work best with a minimal feel.

You can see some base-level variants at the bottom of this post.

Larger version available to view on DeviantArt LINK.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Friday, 20 April 2012

Experiment 5

Around 40 minutes. Might continue with it, might not.

Initial stages utilised stock by

Workflow abstracted from there.

View a larger version on DeviantArt - LINK.

Experiment 4: Visitation

Another experiment. Sadly I dont have time to truly finish it right now.

Initial stages utilised stock by

Workflow abstracted from there.

Around 4 hours (including a good deal of deliberation!).

See a larger version on DeviantArt LINK.

Thursday, 12 April 2012


This bottom dweller is known to be lured in by Jagermesiter or JD, and can withstand immense pressures. Its mating call carries far over the sea and has been likened to a Pantera record playing backwards. It primarily subsists on deep sea kebabs, but will also prey on lesser spotted pizza and occasionally even the obnoxious chicken-winged squid. Whilst it prefers dark corners, it will venture into the light during warmer currents.

Based on a photo of my mate DJ YOGHURT.

Experiment 3.

Started with a stock image I found on DeviantArt and worked abstractedly from there. Think I might do a full version - this is another bit of experimenting like with my previous posts LINK.

Stock from
Features a pattern set by

Approx 12 hours work (I think).

View a larger version on DeviantArt LINK.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Heavenfield: Storm Clouds

After listening to the latest episode of book four of The Heavenfield, I got the urge to paint a scene I had begun some time ago (having been fed a few 'taster' lines from author I.G.Hulme).

I couldn't find the files so began again. Took around two hours including some last minute changes.

The Heavenfield is a dark tale combining science fiction and otherworldy horror. The audio version is free from - with details there of how to purchase hardcopy and e-text versions.

View a larger version on DeviantArt LINK.

This is the 'full' version of the image - which was edited due to some scaling / lighting problems.
Whilst this one still doesn't have the epic forces surrounding the pyramid, it does include Thomas and the angel in the dark at the foot of the image - with the light they shine illuminating their surroundings.
Thought you guys would like a look!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Star Spawn (Experiment 2 Results Part Two).

LINK for original post.

Based upon / abstracted from a self portrait photo by Lyall George. Used with permission.

See a larger version on DeviantArt HERE.
Tentacles referenced from stock by

Flesh Cluster (Experiment 2 Results Part One).

So, here's Jack in all his fleshy Gigerfied glory.

I'm pretty happy with the piece on the whole, though I may come back to it later and give it a more 'finsihed' feel and change some areas.

Based upon / abstracted from a self portrait photo by Jack Waddington. Used with permission.

Early stages used stock by

You can view a larger version on DeviantArt. LINK.
See more on the experiment on this post LINK.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Experiment 2

Okay, so for this experiment, I asked my friends to provide me with a 'straight on' (mugshot) style image of their faces, which i was going to merge / manipulate into one new face, and then begin to paint on to produce something in the style of HR GIGER.

Sadly, in 48 hours I had only two responses. Here are Jack and Lyall's submissions:

This however has allowed me to produce two different pieces. Below are the first roughs / thumbnails of the works - both of which I intend to complete by 09/04/2012 and upload both here and DeviantArt.

With Lyall having a beard, the direction soon took a Lovecraftian turn, and we now see him as a Cthulu-spawn.

With Jacks image, I opted for the Gigerism I initially intended - using stock images to create randomised patterns to play upon - giving it a biomechanical edge.
Please stay alert to see the final pieces when they are uploaded.

See the results of Jack's image HERE.
See the results of Lyall's image HERE.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Hermitude on a Frontier Planet

Unfinished sketch.

30 Minutes.


Built up from abstractly layering two photos by a friend, then painting upon them addings strokes as I see fit - initially choosing colours from them also.

With thanks to Charlie Stevens for the photos.

1.5 hours.

Larger version available to view on DeviantArt

I'm going out... to pay for my crime...

First bit of painting I've had the opportunity to do for weeks now. Whilst I would have preffered to complete the unfinished challenge for CRASHNEXUS, I also needed to break back into the habit.

Listening to and audiobook version of H.P.Lovecraft's "At the Mountauins of Madness", and having been reading a little on Scott, Shackleton and the likes, I'm not surprised this is what came out really.

45 minutes.