Wednesday, 30 March 2011


this one started out as a simple enough excercise in 'freeing the mind' - whereby i sporadically create abstract shapes and then allow my eyes to identify what they want from that. i then go about building it all up into a piece.

this time around, i started so see some kind of figure in there - initially i was taken with the idea of spiderman. i was a huge fan of him in my early teens.

soon enough though, i figured i liked the shadowy figure as he was - i could have done spidey in his black suit, but any real fan knows how that saga ended up.

so, he became some kind of ninja on a chain.

the tv in the background was running an ad for a  steven seagal  movie... thats when i decided it was a cheesy film poster.
job done.

check the steps and the piece beneath - larger version on my DA account LINK

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