Monday, 11 April 2011

Weekend Workshop - 10/04/2011 - 'SkyPirates'

okay, so last weekends workshop didnt quite work out - initially because the only way i could implement the initial challenge given to me by psynexus would be to spend a few days piecing together a mighty, intricate and epic utopian deal. after a little haggling, we settled on an alien civilisation amidst their own 'bronze age'. sadly, due to overworking on the computer for about a week, my eyes packed in until midweek and my flow was lost. youll have to see that piece as and when i finish it.

this week, i challenged him to write a piece about skypirates. ive never been much a fan of yer usual pirate affairs - but as a long time miyazaki and final fantasy fan, the idea of swashbuckling from some crazy airship / flying contraption really appeals.
after sending him some source material, relevant screens etc, he got going and sent me something tasty to work with. - you cans see it at his blog; LINK

so, here we have the steps - including all my preliminary drawings. i sourced turner, miyazaki, koijima and plenty photos of old tall ships and world war two aircraft to get the style i wanted for the focal point of the airship.

the tower features brushes by SHIFTY J

and the final piece - its not perfect, but im happy with the composition and basic desing lements - enough that im going to revisit the piece and do a full version when i have time.
full view version available HERE.

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