Thursday, 28 April 2011

Weekend Workshop - Easter 2011. The Dark Visitor.

this was a fairly simple affair to begin with - though thanks to tech problems and a little drunken stupidity on my part, it has not been uploaded until now. see the previous posts for details.

anwyays. for this particular challenge, i figured ti would be beneficial for both psynexus and myself to endulge in some character concepting.
he came up with three characters within my given boundaries, i sketched each loosely and rolled with the one i preffered.
you can see what he gave me to work with here LINK

i decided to go with his final idea as it seemed like the most fun to play with, although now i wish id actually gone with the first character on offer as after a week of drawing nothing but shadowy figures, i feel my design here lacks a little lustre. regardless, i hope you enjoy it and the steps in progress for the final piece. ive also included two small thumbnails i threw away in the early stages as they show another direction it may have taken. feel free to comment your thoughts.

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