Sunday, 1 May 2011


This was a great project to work on - with a real buzz about the whole process. The guys knew what they wanted within a certain field of aesthetics, but the direction I found early on seemed to reflect the new body of work they were already beginning to produce. Organic, chaotic projects can really be the best sometimes.

What started out as a base level piece of logo work and MySpace design, soon turned into an entire rebranding project to bring the bands image to a par with their quality sound. Using the same artwork (partially manipulated from photos by Gothic Rose Photography) for the banners, posters, E.P. artwork and MySpace, the band saved an absolute packet. I even animated elements of the artwork for one of the web-banners.

Bitterskies are currently on extended hiatus as the various members follow their individual creative and performance projects, but you can still check them, out on their MySpace.  LINK

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