Monday, 2 May 2011


This was an unusual project that grew entirely from an abstract tangent. Acouple of years ago, I desinged the basic version of the 'goatboy' logo you can see before you. I had no particular use fo it other than as an excercise completed and possible gallery / portfolio piece. Afriedn suggested I show it to Eat Cake' as it was "His kind of thing." - and they were right. We quickly got to be friends and soon set about setting him up using it as a logo on a co-promotional licence. This in turn generated his blogsite - involving me commanding the design aesthetics and individual elements - from banners to font choices and even the flow of extra elements such as widgets and contact forms. Shortly after, he discovered that the original design was not only huge, but also in vector format - meaning it was pefect for t-shirt printing.

Since then, we have embarked not ony on the t-shirts, but also music videos and a few other possibilities. On eof the few things you can ask from a client is undertsanding of your practices, methods and means, and Eat Cake understood completely.

See his photography and video work - as well as the t-shirts and underoos at LINK.

Goat Boy by ~cyrus-crashtest on deviantART

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