Monday, 2 May 2011

Weekend Workshop 1st May 2011. “My Own Private Hell”.

Okay, so this week we were going to focus on environmental concepts. What I got as my challenge was a little different, but served the purpose just as well.

“Time for World War 8, soldier! You mission should take no longer the 90 minutes, in that time you will be required to complete the following objectives:

Theme: Dark, contemporary
* Cityscape with ominous undertones
* The Invoked will be manifested in the scene somehow, whether it's hiding in shadows or hallucinated in the sky or building windows.
* The focus will be on the main character and/or what he is doing. The city revolves around him because it is his hell; nobody sees it through his eyes.

That should be enough for parameters, focus on making this a quality piece that might be used over and over for things like, oh say... a comic book cover for instance. ;);)”

I found it surprisingly hard however - after several basic thumbnail sketches, I was finding the idea of drawing a ;’contemporary’ cityscape with detail and a main character to focus on a bit much for 90s minutes work. Possibly just my mindset - who knows. Everything fell into place however when I went onto DeviantArt searching for a stock image to inspire me. I types ‘a quiet street’ into the engine, and lo and beho0ls, the first image I see is a picture I’m all to familiar with - one I would have gone and taken myself had my camera been working: it was a photo of  Stonegate in York. Not only is my one time favourite drinking haunt on the street, but its also a major tourist zone due to the fact it’s the main path to the Minster and its  filled with all sorts of small businesses.

The final image isn't quite what it should be - i ran out of time fiddling with ways to get the right feel of 'night lighting' so it's more of a base concept to build upon later - but I do still rather like it and I know ill be working on it soon.

Let us know yer criticisms if ye can be arsed..

Untitled from Cyrus Crashtest on Vimeo.

see the full image at

Don’t forget to watch the video, goto the CRASHNEXUS blog to see the final piece and Psynexus’ attached story. LINK
...and also visit Psynexus' own blog to see how the machinations of his mind worked whilst writing the accompanying tale LINK.


A suprisingly quiet street by *ED-resources on deviantART



Anonymous said...

I'm not an artist, but I have to say watching your work is awesome. I enjoy watching how you break down the basic bones of your image.


Cyrus Crashtest said...

cheers man - i appreciate you saying that.

Anonymous said...

Err ... last time I looked I wasn't a man :)

Yep, certainly got me some boobies!

~ SJD (Samantha J Day)

(my word verification is "cooties" *snigger*)

Cyrus Crashtest said...

heheh - rather hungover - thought it was initialled SDH - one of my 'followers' on here