Friday, 6 April 2012

Experiment 2

Okay, so for this experiment, I asked my friends to provide me with a 'straight on' (mugshot) style image of their faces, which i was going to merge / manipulate into one new face, and then begin to paint on to produce something in the style of HR GIGER.

Sadly, in 48 hours I had only two responses. Here are Jack and Lyall's submissions:

This however has allowed me to produce two different pieces. Below are the first roughs / thumbnails of the works - both of which I intend to complete by 09/04/2012 and upload both here and DeviantArt.

With Lyall having a beard, the direction soon took a Lovecraftian turn, and we now see him as a Cthulu-spawn.

With Jacks image, I opted for the Gigerism I initially intended - using stock images to create randomised patterns to play upon - giving it a biomechanical edge.
Please stay alert to see the final pieces when they are uploaded.

See the results of Jack's image HERE.
See the results of Lyall's image HERE.

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