Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Heavenfield: Storm Clouds

After listening to the latest episode of book four of The Heavenfield, I got the urge to paint a scene I had begun some time ago (having been fed a few 'taster' lines from author I.G.Hulme).

I couldn't find the files so began again. Took around two hours including some last minute changes.

The Heavenfield is a dark tale combining science fiction and otherworldy horror. The audio version is free from http://www.theheavenfield.com/ - with details there of how to purchase hardcopy and e-text versions.

View a larger version on DeviantArt LINK.

This is the 'full' version of the image - which was edited due to some scaling / lighting problems.
Whilst this one still doesn't have the epic forces surrounding the pyramid, it does include Thomas and the angel in the dark at the foot of the image - with the light they shine illuminating their surroundings.
Thought you guys would like a look!

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